Some question we may ask for interview :
1.)Period for each harvesting section.
2.)What causes will led to loose fruit dropping around the land.
3.)What is the normally size,mass of each loose fruits.
4.)Nowadays,is that any method to collect those loose fruits?Or didn't collect those loose fruit.
5.) Is that any factor will affect the harvesting process??for example after raining,land will be muddy,etc.
6.)usually what is the condition of plantation land throughout the years.
7.)What is the space between each palm oil tree?
8.)Opinion on existing product of collecting loose fruit.(vacuum type,)
9.)Any suggestion on collecting those loose fruit??
10.)Strength of those loose fruits.Very hard or easily broken.

u guys got any suggestion can add on it ah...tis is the roughly question we may asking tat got any specific question we wan to noe??comment comment

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